Each creation within the Zaeem Jamal range is crafted to the highest specification by an elite team of skilled master seamsters and embroidery specialists, to a unique, key signature design . The detailed process of stitching and hand embellishing is imbued with an energy of joy and fine worth ethics that embody the piece with a special energetic feeling and radiance. The bespoke service takes this experience to new heights, combining custom designs, fine fabrics and exquisite surface ornamentation, whilst encompassing a fine selection of hand picked crystals, gemstones, colours and themes to uplift, enhance and support the client’s personal energy dynamic. This allows the client to fully experience and express their own individual radiance, according to their personal, specific choice and requirements.

A bespoke Zaeem Jamal gown supports key clients through their many and varied roles, personally, professionally and publicly – giving support, reliability and sheer classic contemporary beauty, whether it be a state dinner, gala dinner or a stage performance. Facilitating informed choice, style and radiance, in a spirit of discretion and discernment, each piece is as unique as our client, and just like our clients, a masterpiece of creation.