This is a unique once in a lifetime opportunity to inve­­­st in a special limited edition bespoke gown from Zaeem Jamal, and support two leading conservation projects which are changing the face of our planet, our relationship with endangered species and the land they live on. 20% of sales on these 6 pieces support the ‘Haven’ project in Sumatra, and the international conservation titan that is Durrell Wildlife Conservation. Zaeem Jamal is honoured to stand alongside these two exceptional projects, and invites you to take your place and join us on the ‘Durrell Dream’ journey.

The dress was designed, crafted and created especially for Durrell Wildlife Conservation, Jersey, and the Haven. Information on these two projects can be found here - Durrell / The Haven.

Not only will the purchaser be the proud owner of a unique investment piece of Zaeem Jamal couture - but a piece of conservation history. Only six limited edition pieces will ever be made, and the first sold on it’s public unveiling at the Investec Rainforest Ball in 2017 and one is on permanent display - leaving only a few exclusive pieces left available.

The gown falls in flowing panels of hand embroidered luscious silk cascade, featuring scenes taken from the Durrell Conservation park Jersey (Channel Islands), researched and photographed by Zaeem himself whilst on special tour with Honorary Director Dr. Lee Durrell.  Key images from the park weave their way around the body, capturing the beauty, harmony and essence of Durrell in all its Summer glory.  Look closely and you will find hidden amongst the folds and fabric, birds and beasts from bears to flamingo and if you look hard enough, you never know who or what you will find in any layer - from an inconspicuous Gerald Durrell, to Orangutan, all carefully balanced and blended into a piece of living art.


The forests of Sumatra have suffered a huge amount of destruction in order to service the palm oil industry, and the indigenous species have taken the brunt of this destabilising. Be part of the change, and invest ethically, where your money can make a difference – stand with us, walk alongside us, and walk in beauty!

Be the Change!

Price: £18,000

20% percent of proceeds will go to Durrell to enable them to continue their life changing conservation work, and the incredible unfolding legacy that is the Haven Sumatran orangutan project. To claim your one off exclusive ‘Durrell Dream’ dress, and your place in conservation history, please email vip@zaeemjamal.com.